(This is the old version!) The Bay Area, according to Urban Dictionary

This is the old version of the map. Check out the new version! Here’s a Kickstarter where you can get 18×24 inch prints!

Preserved old post for posterity:

Here’s a full size image.

Here comes the next one in this series. I figured I’d do the San Francisco Bay Area because a lot of my recent friends are from there. This map is a bit more sophisticated, and the Bay Area isn’t as conveniently shaped as Long Island so you get some awkward text wraps sometimes. But in the end it’s just a light-hearted map that pokes fun at some stereotypes.

Combing through Urban Dictionary entries for Bay Area cities and towns, I noticed right away how much less negative the entries were when compared with Long Island. Perhaps this says something about the culture of the Bay, as well as the history. With a lot of recent development, neighborhood tensions are not as entrenched as on Long Island. Combine this with the mellow, easygoing Californian stereotype and you get a lot of dictionary entries that are actually quite positive.

This one took a little longer but was a lot of fun to make, and I’ve gotten great feedback from my Californian friends.

17 thoughts on “(This is the old version!) The Bay Area, according to Urban Dictionary

  1. This is cool but honestly not the best I will make the best one, y’all racist calling San Martin beaners some ain’t even right in Sj everywhere else. Gilroyaint got nothing and they they the roots…???

  2. I lived in the bay area for 38 years, I would say this map is amazingly accurate, great job of gleaning local vernacular. We actually do call Redwood city Deadwood City. Although Pacifica was known as “Paciphills”, the ‘fine print’ neighborhoods are dead on. Also the missing tiny town of Alviso in San Jose once was truly “Little Mexico”, but when Tivo moved in, the dirt roads got paved. “The Town” of Oakland has indeed progressed from it’s former moniker of “the bigoty bigoty ‘O'”. Downtown Campbell would be latte’s and christmas trees. (in part of Campbell, Christmas trees are mandatory in every yard!).

    • Your love is much appreciated! You’re not the first to ask for this, so I’m actually setting up a service to make it easy to get prints.

  3. I’m having trouble finding some of these on Urban Dictionary. Like “New Danville” there’s not even an entry. Still trying to find out what that one is. And are each of the gray titles other smaller towns, or descriptors for the larger towns? It’s a bit confusing…

    • Entry for Brentwood: “The developers publicly stated that they wanted to transform Brentwood into the “new Danville” and have pretty much achieved their goal.”

      The grey labels are not other towns, they are merely descriptors for the areas that they are in.

  4. Hey Sasha, you got the Arrows on the right hand side backwards, the farms are east toward Central Valley, and Los Angeles is South. I want one of these prints man! Let us know where we can this!

    • Those arrows were actually the product of a bit of research, it turns out that Google Maps’ recommended path from San Francisco/San Jose to Los Angeles takes the 101 down, then the 152, onto I-5. So assuming most people follow that path, then the arrow is correct as is. But purely as the crow flies, you are correct.

      In terms of prints—I am currently working out a solution and I think within a week or two you should be able to order them! Thanks for your support!

  5. Love it! I’m from the Bay Area and this is spot on, and hella funny! Looking forward to reading the rest of your work! Once you have a link for sales, contact me. I manage a large Bay Area page on FB. Might be interested in trading syndication for maps.

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